Welcome to Creative Warrior Training

Welcome to Creative Warrior Training, where learning to meditate, and thus transforming your life in remarkable ways, has never been easier.

Meditating twice a day, for twenty minutes, has been well documented by a plethora of research and study spanning decades, to help you feel, look and sleep better, as well boosting creativity and performance levels.

Zenergie Meditation - is an effortless and natural way to dissolve deep rooted stress and tension, calm the the heart, mind and nervous system, and supercharge your batteries, and your potential.

It is a specific technique, taught in a pragmatic and down to earth approach, that makes it easy for modern busy people on the go, to learn and implement as an empowering, non negotiable, daily wellness practice.

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Its no big secret these days that success and fulfilment are an “inside job” and that your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world.

When you radiate inner calm, genuine confidence, and happiness, you tend to attract the kind of people, opportunities and experiences that reflect that, but you're also blessed with the resilience and good grace to better handle things when occasionally, they don't seem to be going quite to plan.

The ancient art of meditation continues to become more and more mainstream in modern society, and for good reason.

It is practised and recommended by people from all walks of life- including doctors/patients, employers/employees, students, performers, busy mums, celebs, athletes, teachers, entrepreneurs, builders and even some police forces, as an effective tool to experience “more ease” and less stress, to do what they do best.

It is my intention and passion, through Creative Warrior Training, to reach and teach as many people as possible, because humanity- more so than ever- could do with a bit more of what meditation has to offer, and for every person that learns and practices the Zenergie Meditation technique, the planet becomes a slightly calmer, happier, more “creative” and less destructive place to hang out.

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Learning to meditate is super easy and enjoyable with the correct guidance from an experienced teacher.

The health benefits of a daily meditation practice alone are priceless but there is so much more on offer as you come to view life from a whole new "enlightened" and refreshing perspective of the infinite possibilties and potential available to you.

"To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders"
Lao Tzu



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